Diane Ross
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Baby Trip 1  Bears  Fall Color

Canyon X and Monument Valley

Day 2

My back feels better today.  I was afraid last night I would hardly be able to move today.  My thigh muscles are sore, like after a workout, which isn't surprising.

We are suppose to leave at 6:30 AM but it is overcast and they are predicting rain or snow so we wait it out.  By 11 it has cleared and we are on our way.  We spot at a dune which has the Mittens in the background and photograph the Barbary Lion, Siberian Lynx, and the porcupine.  The lion is magnificent walking around on the sand.  Some of the photos look a little surreal.  Probably because I know African Lions don't roam the American southwest.  The porcupine and lynx are just adorable.

At sunset we shoot from the head of the Wildcat Trail, which seems appropriate since we shoot the cougar and the bobcat here.  The lighting is fabulous.  We may have gotten started late but it has been a great day.