Diane Ross
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Canyon X and Monument Valley

Day 3

Today was a very early start.  We left the hotel at 5:15 AM so that we could get sunrise on the sand dunes by the Totem Poles. 

The large cats were not that co-operative.  They got the cougar to run up and down one of the sand dunes which was wonderful.  Then along came the rabbit and off went the cougar.  Before it was over he had a run it with a yucca plant that left him with a bloody nose.  The African lion was in a lazy mood and did not want to climb the dune.  Instead we went down to him which actually worked out well because there was a very small stream at the base of the dunes.  We finished the morning shooting the bobcat.  He ran up and down the dunes several times and played in the water.  By the end he was wet and sand covered.