Diane Ross
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I think maybe I have been here too long.  Traveling every weekend is getting old.  Wilsons Promontory is a beautiful place.  There are great looking beaches.  Believe it or not Kangaroos and wallabies are getting old.  Once you get away from the city it is easy to find them in the wild.  The Grampians spoiled me for kangaroos.  There were so many close to the cabins I stayed in.  The kangaroos at Wilsons Prom let me get as close as the ones in the Grampians but they are not quite as plentiful.

The one thing that Wilsons Prom has that I have had a hard time getting photos of is wombats.  I love wombats.  I feel in love with them after seeing a show on Discovery about a woman raising an orphaned wombat.  He was so cute following her all over the place. The wombats at the Prom are use to people and, like the kangaroos, it is easy to get quite close to them as long as you move slowly. The are much bigger in person than I thought they would be but they are still adorable.