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Elephant Photographs in Kenya

Some of my elephant photos were featured on WNET's web site companion piece to Nature:  The Elephants of Africa.  Words are inadequate to explain how excited I am :-)

Elephants were the most numerous animals we saw.  Most of my elephant pictures are from Samburu.  By the time we were in Masai Mara elephants were old hat.  We wanted to see something new and different and they didn't qualify.  Still they are fabulous creatures.  Watching a herd gather around a baby elephant while hyenas circled the herd was something.  (Sorry, no pictures.  It was a foggy evening, and my film speed was way too slow.  The moral of that story is:  When you have spent a lot of money on a trip do not save $28 by buying the slower speed film that is on sale, even if you think the place you are going will be bright and sunny.)




We took a hot air balloon ride is Masai Mara.   Originally I planned to skip this.  I went for my first balloon ride in Phoenix for one third the price and I didn't think it was worth the money.  (I know lots of people think its great, but it doesn't involve enough adrenaline for me.)  My travel agent had taken the same trip a few years ago and she just raved about the balloon ride, so I had to give it a try.  Unfortunately, it was just what I expected.   The ride itself was blah and we didn't see many animals.  The only time I would recommend the ride would be if you were there during the great migration.  Then it might be worth it.  Below is picture of an elephant herd taken from the balloon.